• Mar 30 2014

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    Easter’s Here and so is Chocolate

    As I wander through the stores and see the vast array of Easter chocolate out there it occurs to me that this is the time of year we start to…

  • Jan 24 2014

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    Dental News

    As February is dental month at our practice I wanted to write a bit about, not only the importance of dental cleanings , but also the importance of the proper…

  • Sep 24 2013

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    Declawing Cats

    Although declawing cats is not as popular as it once was, I am asked on occasion if I do declaw surgery. I recently had one of my clients admitting her…

  • Aug 26 2013

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    Choosing a Boarding Kennel

    Even though summer is winding down, there is always the need for finding a good kennel where we feel comfortable leaving our best buddies while we are away. We have…

  • Oct 17 2012

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    Halloween Hazards for your Pets

    Halloween Hazards for your Pets Halloween will soon be upon us and although fun for us humans it can present many concerns for our 4 legged friends. Candy, fireworks and…

  • Sep 14 2012

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    Stopping a dog fight

    A dog owner’s worst nightmare. You are out walking your dog and out of nowhere another dog appears who proceeds to attack your dog. What do you do? How can…

  • Aug 22 2012

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    Swimming Hazards for Your Pets

    Swimming hazards you say? What hazards can possibly associated with swimming my dog? I thought swimming was a safe non weight bearing exercise. The latter is definitely true but there…

  • Aug 05 2012

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    Summer Travel With Your Pets.

    Well August is now well under way and our weather is heating up. With the arrival of warm weather and sunny days, no doubt we all want to go on…

  • Jul 25 2012

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    Sand and Sun Issues with your pets.

    We finally have sunny summer weather and everyone is in a hurry to head to the beach with their dogs. Did you know that dogs can get sunburnt? Our furry…

  • Jul 18 2012

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    Parasites and Your Pets Part 2; prevention and treatment.

    So your pet has been diagnosed with fleas. What are your options for treatment? There are many different kinds of flea treaments available to treat your pets and  basically they…