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COVID-19: Practice Updates and Pet Health Information


March 3, 2022

To our valued clients and four legged friends,

We are excited to announce that we are reopening our doors to clients who wish to accompany their pets inside the clinic. Curbside and virtual service are still available if preferred.

Our primary focus remains keeping our work environment safe and maintaining our business continuity so that we can continue to provide our community with the best possible patient care and client service amidst the COVID-19 outbreaks. We have increased our cleaning and disinfection protocols within our hospital, and we are strictly adhering to proper respiratory and hand hygiene. Our staff are following the guidelines set forth by the BC Center for Disease Control to keep our team, and our clients as safe as possible.

As of the week of March 1st,

• While the reception area will remain closed to the public, we will allow one person per family to accompany their pet into the exam room.
• Please bring your cell phone and call us when you arrive. A staff member will greet and escort you and your pet into the building.
• We ask that you to sanitize your hands upon entry and wear a mask while you are in the building. We trust that you will not request for an in-clinic appointment if you are experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms.
• After we weigh your pet, we will escort you into the exam room for your appointment. We ask that you make yourself comfortable in the chair provided in the exam room while the Doctor and an assistant examines your pet.
• Once your pet’s appointment is complete, we ask that you wait in the exam room until your invoice and any necessary prescriptions have been prepared.
• Payment will be taken in the exam room and any follow-up appointment will be scheduled at this time.
• We will then escort you and your pet to your car.
• As mentioned above, you are always welcome to choose the option of a curbside, or virtual appointment instead of an in-person appointment.

We anticipate that it may take a little more time for each in-person appointment as we all adjust to this change. Please be patient as we adapt to delivering in-person appointments once again.

Food and medication picks will continue to be curbside under the tent to avoid congestion in the reception area. We ask that you give us at least 48 hours’ notice for prescription refills, as these must be approved by our doctors, and as we tend to be busy, it takes time for the Doctor to review your file and approve the renewal. We will call you when the medication is ready to be picked up.

The combination of increased demand for medical services and staffing challenges has resulted not only in longer lead times for scheduling a “routine appointment” but may also require the need to phone and reschedule some appointments. Our team is doing everything possible to minimize the disruption to our clients. We ask for your patience and understanding as we try to accommodate as many patients as possible and prioritize care for those animals that need it most urgently. There may be times, if we are short staffed, that we may not be able to accommodate an in-person appointment, we ask for your cooperation and understanding when these circumstances arise.

We remain grateful to each and every one of you, as you have adjusted to and observed our protocols over the past 2 years. Your support and patience have helped us remain healthy and open to care for the needs of your pet.

Please stay healthy and we look forward to seeing you in person,

Dr. Kortschak, Dr. Meagher, and all the staff at SSVH



July 7, 2021

To all our valued clients and four legged friends,

Whew – what a year it has been. Firstly, all of us at SSVH want to thank each and every one of you for your kindness and patience over the last year. We really appreciate everyone’s loyalty as we have adjusted to busier schedules and new protocols. The extra treats and snacks, as well as your kind words, have all helped to make things a whole lot smoother.

As we have become busier, you may have noticed that it is taking longer to get a ‘routine appointment’, as well as trying to find the best way to see your pets that need to be seen more urgently. In response we have started drop off appointments where you leave your pet with us and we will examine them in between scheduled appointments, calling you when we have completed our exam to discuss treatment. We have also had to rely on email and phone consults more to discuss things with you. Please keep in mind we are doing all we can to see your pet in the timeliest manner. One way you can help is by making your follow-up appointment before you leave after your initial appointment. That way you have an appointment slot reserved.

As a result of the success of BC’s vaccination program, provincial COVID-19 restrictions for many activities / circumstances are being lifted as outlined in BC’s Restart plan. However, the virus may still circulate, as will the viruses for other communicable diseases. To this end, businesses are required to operate following communicable disease prevention guidance, while maintaining some of their current COVID-19 Safety Plan protocols. So, what does this mean for SSVH?

Inside the clinic we cannot separate ourselves from each other by 6 feet as we work to help your pets. As well, you entering the clinic and interacting with us directly means you are exposed to 3 people only, whereas all of us see many more people in a day widening our possible exposure. Until all of our staff are fully vaccinated, and have passed the 2 weeks to obtain full immunity, we will continue our curbside service.

The only exception to this policy is for euthanasia, where we are allowing a maximum of 3 family members, who satisfy a health safety questionnaire regarding COVID-19 exposure, illness, quarantine and travel, and are masked, to be present with their pet. We have managed to stay safe and COVID free for all this time and we cannot afford to let our guard down.

We also have a virtual appointment option available for you. We will bring an iPad to you in your car which will be connected to the exam room and we can then have you “enter” the exam room virtually as one of the Dr.’s examines your pet. This allows you to speak directly to the Dr. and see your furry friend as they are examined. If you wish to use this option, please let us know when you call to make your appointment and we can set it up for you.

We will continue to watch the progress of the Delta variant and keep a close eye on the numbers, with the goal of starting to allow people in with their pets by mid November

We respectfully ask that you continue to wear a mask when you come to the clinic so we can all remain healthy and safe. Our staff will remain masked inside the clinic through the summer and fall so our safety is maintained.

Once again, we thank you for your patience and understanding as we look forward to that possible return to “normal” in the fall.

Dr. Kortschak, Dr. Meagher,  and all of us at SSVH



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